• The Benefits of IP Phones for Business Communication

    ip phoneAs the use of IP phones continues to increase, we find many people asking us “What are the advantages to using IP phones?”

    The answer can vary greatly depending on what you need from your IP phones, but some common answers include:

    IP Phones have more features than standard phones

    IP phones can do more than call clients and leave voicemails. Some recent features include:

  • 5 Reasons to Switch to Business VoIP

    voipRevere shares how VoIP can easily be integrated into any business and improve internal and external communications.

    There is no doubt that VoIP has forever changed the way businesses communicate. While it’s had a major impact, there’s still a good chance you’re not taking full advantage of all the ways VoIP can help you communicate and grow your business.

    Here are five things every business should implement into its communication strategy.

  • Businesses Starting to Move Toward Cloud Communications

    blog image 12

    We have heard about cloud communication for quite some time now. Experts have said for years that this is the direction businesses will be heading when it comes to communications, but there hasn’t been much movement in that direction.

    That is, until now.

    Businesses have begun moving toward cloud based communications, and in a big way. A recent survey discovered that 30 percent of businesses with more than 1,000 employees currently use the cloud for their PBX functions, a big jump from 22 percent last year. The same survey discovered that 41 percent of the subset of these businesses use cloud-based UC.

  • What is Cloud Communications?

    cloud communicationSimply put, it’s a way to converse, like you would on a phone, using the Internet. Think Skype, Google Talk or the Facebook Messenger call feature.

    To make a call, you’ll need a device (smart phone, tablet or computer), an Internet connection, and the software or application that provides the service. Some applications allow you to call only those who have the same app, while others also allow you to call phone numbers.

    Though this type of communication is no more reliable than a landline, it is more convenient. You can share files, video chat and even screen share with other people using cloud communications.

    Perhaps the best part of cloud communication services is that it doesn’t require you to maintain any new hardware. All you have to do is install, and occasionally update, the software or app. The rest is up to those who offer the service.

  • Is VoIP Right for My Business?

    blog january6Your business has a phone number with a California area code – even though your office is in Florida. You’re at a café and get an important business phone call – on your laptop. You’re on the road and receive an urgent voicemail – in your email inbox.

    Welcome to the world of VoIP! Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) enables your phone calls to travel over the internet as data, just like email. This service can increase your productivity and lower your telecommunications costs. It’s also packed with capabilities and features that other phone technology can’t offer.

    While VoIP is rapidly gaining popularity, some businesses are still on the fence. They’re worried that VoIP technology is costly to implement, that VoIP audio quality is poor or that their phone service won’t be as reliable.

    But the benefits of VoIP far outweigh any reservations. Here’s what you need to know about making the switch to VoIP.