Revere Affiliate Program

Do you know of a business looking for a custom communication solution? Do you know multiple businesses looking for one? Then you would be a great candidate for the Reseller Program at Revere!

Individuals looking to join the Revere Affiliate Program are offered a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to platforms that help them track, nurture and close sales
  • Monthly, reoccurring revenue when clients are retained
    • Receive an initial stipend of the first month’s market retail costs, with residual income for each additional month
  • Training materials and sales collateral to help with sales
  • A suite of cutting edge technology products to offer:
    • VoIP
    • SIP
    • Data Security
    • Network Monitoring
    • Internet connectivity
    • Cloud computing

When you take part in our Affiliate Program, you will be glad to know that Revere will be responsible for ongoing support and sales and all you have to do is maintain the relationship with the client. When you make a sale or pass on a warm lead that enrolls, you will receive your initial bonus as well as the monthly residual from the sale.

If you are interested in the Reseller Program at Revere, submit an inquiry form online or call us at 877-738-3734 for more information.

There is no better way to earn supplemental income. We look forward to hearing from you!