The Statesman bundle is for you even if you have a dedicated IT staff, but want to be sure you’re making smart decisions for your business. It combines virtual networks, cloud computing, network monitoring and data protection with hosted business phone and Internet service. With our concierge service approach, we’ll get you the business communications products and services you need, so you can concentrate on growing your business. You'll get all of this and a convenient, single monthly billing statement.

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Our hosted business phone solutions utilize VoIP technology to provide reliable service. That means you don't have to buy costly on-site equipment and hire an IT staff to maintain it.

Your business phone system is customizable, and scalable to grow as your company grows. We also update the technology regularly to provide you with a seamless experience. You get the features and functionality that will help you stay competitive today and expand in the future.

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Your company’s website, email, hosted phone system and more all need dependable Internet service to run smoothly.

We’ll talk with you to understand your business Internet needs. Then we’ll work with our network of local providers to build a quality Internet solution for you – one that’s reliable and consistent.

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We’ll perform thorough and ongoing testing and network monitoring to ensure dependable performance that keeps your business running smoothly.

This proactive approach helps us identify potential network issues and threats, and then resolve them quickly to drastically reduce, or even eliminate, downtime.

For additional details, please call 877-REVERE-4 or contact us online, and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Cloud computing allows you to store data and programs on virtual servers and access them via the Internet.

You get flexibility without the need to invest in expensive hardware or a technical support staff. You won’t use as much of your hard drive or need to buy servers that take up valuable office space.

To learn more about our cloud computing and on-premises capabilities, call 877-REVERE-4 or contact us online.

With virtual servers, you get a reliable solution that’s customizable and scalable.

You don’t have to purchase and install expensive on-site equipment or worry about who will maintain or monitor it. And you don’t have to buy new equipment every time your business grows.

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We combine firewalls, anti-virus/anti-spam tools, content filtering and other defenses with 24/7/365 monitoring to prevent malicious activity from causing you harm.

And our geographic redundancies protect your business data against natural disasters or other catastrophic events. Your information is available no matter what's happening outside your doors, so your business can keep running.

Want more details on how we protect your company’s data? Contact us online, or call 877-REVERE-4.