What is Cloud Communications?

cloud communicationSimply put, it’s a way to converse, like you would on a phone, using the Internet. Think Skype, Google Talk or the Facebook Messenger call feature.

To make a call, you’ll need a device (smart phone, tablet or computer), an Internet connection, and the software or application that provides the service. Some applications allow you to call only those who have the same app, while others also allow you to call phone numbers.

Though this type of communication is no more reliable than a landline, it is more convenient. You can share files, video chat and even screen share with other people using cloud communications.

Perhaps the best part of cloud communication services is that it doesn’t require you to maintain any new hardware. All you have to do is install, and occasionally update, the software or app. The rest is up to those who offer the service.

Some apps do require a subscription or fee for using their product. These tend to offer features such as international calling. Others, like Skype, allow you to use their basic features for free, but you will be charged if you want to call someone who is not a Skype member.

Services that provide cloud communications include Google Talk, magicJack, FreedomPop, and WeChat. There are many others too, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be hard.

Internet connectivity is the most important thing to consider when using cloud communications. If you have a slow, spotty, or unreliable Internet connection, using those services won’t do you much good.

Selecting a reliable Internet service provider is crucial when using cloud communications. For questions regarding connectivity or upgrading your speed, call 1-877-REVERE-4